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New Cash-Out Refinance Loan for 580+ Credit Scores – Has the Bank Declined Your Equity Refi?

Rising Property Values are helping most everyone.

But, some homeowners have been caught in a Catch-22.  Low Credit Scores can be caused by having a lot of maxed out high interest rate revolving credit card accounts.

Most lenders require 680+ Credit Scores to Approve Cash-Out/Home Equity Loans.   But, Our Portfolio Cash-Out will allow for 580+ Credit Scores.

Here is a real life example:

Our client has almost $40,000 in revolving and installment debt that is depressing their credit score.  The combined monthly payment for all these accounts is over $1650 per month.

We can Approve their 80% LTV Cash Out loan and give them $50,000 to pay off all this debt as have some money in savings for emergencies.

Their mortgage payment only increases around $350 per month.

That is an immediate saving of $1,300 per month and will make a tremendous difference for their family.

If you are in a similar situation, or know someone who is, Please contact us for some debt relief!



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Call us 1st to AVOID mortgage problems,
Call us 2nd to SOLVE them!

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