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VA Jumbo Loans Available from $424,000 to $1,500,000 in TX, OK & LA

VA Jumbo Loans

NEWS FLASH – 1/1/2017 VA Loan Limits increase to $424,000.

– 10/2015  VA JUMBO Max Loan Limit is now $1.5m for Eligible veterans and active duty military personnel.


Most Veterans do not know VA Loans are available over the $424,000 Limit.

Most Banker and Mortgage Loan Officers DO NOT KNOW EITHER!

VA JUMBO loans are real, and they are the BEST way to buy a higher priced home as a Veteran.

VA 30 year Fixed Rates are very low compared to traditional Jumbo Loans.

Most Jumbo Loans require 20% or more down payment and often 5/1 or 7/1 ARMs.

For Veterans with Full Eligibility, the equation is simple.

No down payment is required for the 1st $424,000 of the loan.
The Veteran makes a 25% down payment for the difference in $424,000 loan
amount and the Sales Price.

So here is an Example:

$650,000 Sales Price minus $424 ,000 = $226,000

$226,000 X 25% = $56,500 Down Payment

$650,000 – $56,500 = VA Loan = $593,50050 which is 91% LTV

The BEST part is there is no Monthly PMI, just the VA Funding Fee, which is even reduced due to the larger down payment.

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