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Call us 1st to AVOID mortgage problems, Call us 2nd to SOLVE them! We close loans every day that Banks would not, or could not approve. NMLS # 375517 – Mobile 214-435-8825

APPROVED – 2 months in our Credit Coaching program – 545 to 600 – Now only 30 day to closing!


So many people fall into what I call the “credit drop out” category.

Bad things happen to good people.  But, many people do not get up and dust them selves off.  They just stay down, believing they are stuck as a renter and just pay cash for everything.

This particular buyer followed 2 simple recommendations and spent less that $500.  She still has plenty saved for her down payment.

Rarely do we recommend credit repair.  I recommend keeping the past problems in the past.  We do not require collections or charge-offs to be paid.

Paying an old bad debt can ACTUALLY HURT THEIR CREDIT SCORE.

If someone is not rebuilding new credit, they lose out on 30% of their credit score points.

REALTORS & BUILDERS – Give us your motivated buyers even if scores in the low 500’s.  Usually, we will give them back to you pre-approved and ready to buy before their next lease is up.


Call us 1st to avoid mortgage problems, Call us 2nd to SOLVE them.

J. Scott Harris
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